The Road Not Taken Exercise Class 10 English Unit 9 With PDF

The Road Not Taken Poem Exercise Class 10 English Unit 9 PDF download Link available! Including question answer, grammar Check it out.

The Road not Taken
Class 10 Unit 9 Question Answer 
The road not taken poem question and answers Class 10 With PDF
The Road Not Taken Exercise 

ii) Match the following words with their meanings. 
Diverged==> Branched away 
Wood==> Forest 
Undergrowth=> Shrubs; a mass of bushes 
Sigh==> Deep and long breath 
Trodden==>Walked on 
Hence==> From now on

2. Reading Comprehension 
i)  Fill in the blanks using suitable words from the box. You may need to use one word twice. 
  less traveled road, roads, decision, difference, speaker, difficult, dilemma, choices 

The poem is about a dilemma that the speaker has faced. He has choices between two roads. He compares both the roads. He takes a long time to take the final decision. It is difficult for him. Finally, he chooses a less travelled road that has made a difference in his life.

ii) Find the words from the poem which rhyme with the words given below.

The road not taken poem question and answers Class 10 With PDF

iii) Read the poem again, and answer the following questions: 

a. Who is the speaker in this poem? 
Ans: A Traveller is the speaker in this poem. 

b. Where is the speaker standing in this poem? 
Ans: The speaker is standing between two roads diverged in a yellow wood in this poem. 

c. Why does he stop there for a long time? 
Ans: He stops there for a long time because he is in a dilemma about which road to take. 

d. Why is he in a dilemma?
Ans: He is in a dilemma because there are 2 ways and he must select one of them because he cannot travel both directions at the same time. Both the roads were equally worn and were covered with leaves.

e. Which road does he choose to travel?
Ans: He chooses the road that is "less travelled" because the narrator prefers to make his own way in the world and make difference in his future. 

f. Why does he leave the other one? 
Ans: He leaves the other one to travel it another day. 

g. Is the speaker optimistic? How can you say this? 
Ans: Yes, the speaker is optimistic as he says he has made the right decision huge difference in his life. 

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h. Do you think he has made the right decision? 
Ans: Yes, That 'choice' he had made, according to him, has changed his life. It may have brought him success, happiness
 and fulfillment. The choice that he made at that time affected his future. That choice made all the difference to his life. 

i. What do you think ‘the roads’ refer to?
And: I think 'the roads' means choices that have a huge impact on overall life.

j. What is the central idea of this poem? 
Ans: The central idea of this poem is that we must be able to take the right decision at the right time which changes our way of life.

Unit 9
The Road Not Taken
( With PDF Download Link)


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