Chromosome And Sex Determination || Class 10 Science Notes

Chromosome and Sex Determination Class 10 Science Complete Notes. This note include all the exercise given in Chromosome and Sex Determination unit 17

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  Chapter - 17  
Chromosome and Sex Determination

Chromosomes And Sex Determination Class 10 Science Answer Questions 

2. Answer the following questions:

Class 10 Science Chromosomes And Sex Determination Exercise|| Differentiate Between 

3. Differentiate between:

a. Chromosome and Chromatids

Ans: The difference between chromosome and chromatid are as follows;

b. Autosome and sex chromosomes 

Ans: The difference between autosome and sex chromosomes are as follows;

c. Ova and Sperm

Ans: The difference between ova and sperm are as follows;

d. Homogametic and Heterogametic 

Ans: The difference between homogametic and heterogametic are as follows;

Class 10 Science Chromosomes And Sex Determination Give Reasons : Exercise 

4. Give reasons:

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