Unit 18 Habit Cultivation Exercise || Class 10 English Exercise

Class 10 English Habit cultivation exercise Class 10 including question answers,summary, etc of Unit 18 are solved here.


Unit 18 Habit Cultivation Exercise || Class 10 English Exercise

Class 10 English Unit 18 Habit Cultivation Exercise
Exercise of Habit Cultivation English 

Habit Cultivation Class 10 English Exercise : if you are also looking for the class 10 English (Habit Cultivation) Exercise, if yes, then you have landed on the right spot. Here we have shared all the notes and exercises of Unit 18 Habit Cultivation. 

Hi friends! Welcome to web-learners. Here in this post we have shared all the exercises of unit 18 English including question answer, summary, grammar, etc, so follow the post to the end.

So, without wasting our time, let's walk through Habit Cultivation Exercise || Class 10 English Exercise [Unit 18]

1. Vocabulary in use

i. Choose the best words from the box to complete each of these sentences.

  determination    traits     inspiration     integrity     abstain      automatic 

a. If you want to get success, you need to have your own determination

b. If you are motivated to do something after reading a book, the book has been your inspiration

c. What are the traits of a good teacher?

d. You don't need to wind an automatic watch while using it.

e. Honesty and integrity are the results of both our belief system and practice.

f. The doctor suggested that he had to abstain from alcohol.

2. Reading comprehension

i. Read the text, and decide whether the following statements are true or false.

a. We are born to have successful lives. (True)

b. Only practice makes a person perfect. (False)

c. We can cultivate habits in no time. (False)

d. We can acquire all valuable traits by constant and consistent training, both mental and physical. (True)

e. If we permit ourselves to tell a lie once, it is a lot easier to do it a second and a third time. (True)

f. Honesty and integrity are the result of both our belief system and practice. True g. Habits form character. (True)

Questions Answers of Habit Cultivation [Exercise]

Read the text again, and answer these questions.

a. What comment do we often hear?

Ans: Some say he's just lucky, turning dirt into gold when he touches it, while others say he's a miser; no matter what he touches, it turns to mud. These are the comments we often hear.

b. How do some people become perfect in making mistakes?

Ans: The more you make mistakes, the better you get at avoiding them. Or by repeating the mistakes many times.

c. Do you consider yourself to be perfect? Why? Why not?

And: No, I don't think of myself as perfect or flawless, because even when I'm doing my best, I make mistakes.

d. What are the valuable traits that human beings have?

Ans: The valuable traits that human beings have are their ability to show courage in the face of hardships, self-control in the face of temptation, joy in the face of loss, and a positive outlook in the face of despair.

e. How can you form a habit?

Ans: Our minds and bodies can be trained to form a habit through constant and consistent practice / by practicing a lot.

f. What type of habit have you decided to form after reading this text? 

Ans: I've decided to cultivate a habit of character development.


1. Rewrite the following sentences by supplying the correct prepositions where necessary.

a. What are you doing on the weekend?

b. There was a loud noise which woke us up at midnight.

c. I went to Khotang (x) last Saturday. 

d. I'll see you on Tuesday afternoon.

e. In my hometown, the shops open early in the morning.

f. The party is (x) next Saturday

g. His daughter was born on the 24th August

h. Luckily the weather was perfect on her wedding da

i. We get plenty of snow here in the winter.

j. I stayed with them for three week

k. The students study in the library until close

1. It has been raining since morning.

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